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Company News | 2022-11-28 11:37:28

The Future is Frictionless Travel

Gone are the days of complicated trips to the airport and carrying paper copies of all of your documents. With the rise of frictionless travel, it is easier and more intuitive than ever to make your travel plans. It’s no wonder; studies show that 84% of North American travelers link their business trips to the quality of the travel. Learn more about hassle-free travel and find out why it’s the way forward in the travel industry.

What Is Frictionless Travel?

This term refers to a travel experience that is contact free. Employing contactless exchanges of information and documents, such travel aims to reduce the number of hoops you have to jump through during your journey. Oftentimes, this kind of traveling entails completing certain requirements virtually, such as checking in online and uploading documentation digitally.

Why Is Frictionless Travel on the Rise?

Contact-free travel became essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. While it emerged as a necessity to reduce contact and therefore curtail the spread of the virus, it has since become a prominent feature that customers have come to value. Travelers have noticed the advantages of reduced contact, which usually means a more streamlined experience in places such as airports. What started as an imperative has now become a commonplace expectation.

What Are the Features of Frictionless Travel?

There are many ways to reduce the friction of traveling and limit contact throughout the process. Here are some common features you can take advantage of to make your journey seamless.

Digital Documentation

The pandemic made it necessary to obtain and show different kinds of documentation. To reduce contact, vaccine passports became a popular component to streamline travel. A vaccine passport is a digital form of any documentation needed to prove vaccine and testing status. This concept exists for other kinds of documentation, meaning you can often upload digital copies of your documents to avoid the necessity of having to pull papers out and show them while in transit.

Virtual Booking and Check In

One of the most popular features of frictionless travel is the option to perform bookings and check-ins virtually. Instead of heading to a front desk or ticket counter, many travel companies and airlines let you book and check in before you arrive. Doing so reduces contact not only with customer service but also with other customers who would normally have to stand in line to complete these tasks.

Travel Apps

Many airlines, railways, and transportation rental companies have their own apps to make your experience as streamlined as possible. Many airlines allow you to book, check in, and track your luggage through a single app that keeps you updated with notifications. If there is a particular company that you use often, consider downloading their app for maximum ease of use. 

Rethink Your Business Policy for Frictionless Travel

With so many new tools to streamline your travel experience, it seems like frictionless travel is here to stay. Learn more about the helpful tools that our corporate travel platform, Rocketrip, offers to make your business travel more efficient than ever.