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Company News | 2022-06-08 15:45:17

Meet Mondee

The Beginning

Mondee was founded in 2011, when we acquired Skylink, Exploretrip, cFares, and C&H International with the goal of disrupting the wholesale airfare market by bringing together the leading consolidator brands and technology to build a marketplace to deliver the best airfare, service, and technology in the industry. The next year we acquired two additional consolidators, Transam and Hariworld, becoming the largest airline consolidator in North America.

Building The Next Generation Technology Platform

In 2014, with our position firmly solidified as the leading airfare wholesaler in North America, Mondee launched the consolidator airfare booking platform, TripPro. It quickly became the leading wholesale booking platform in the industry and, in 2017, we upgraded the original TripPro platform with TripPro Unicorn. We took all the best features of TripPro and enhanced it with hotel content, an integrated marketing platform and a post-ticketing self service platform; the first of its kind in the industry.

Through a mixture of technology innovation and astute strategic acquisitions, Mondee quickly built the modern travel marketplace, connecting 50,000 travel agents and 500 airlines through a globally connected disruptive technology platform with the largest source of travel content, an integrated conversational commerce engine, complete digital marketing campaign management, and fintech solutions to solve complex ecommerce challenges.

By 2019, Mondee had reached $3 billion in sales volume, supporting over 50 million unique daily searches and processing over 5.4 million tickets.

Growth Into New Markets

In 2019, Mondee moved into new market segments, specifically the retail travel market, with the acquisition of LBF Travel whose brands include Smartfares, Hotelwiz, Booking Wiz and Avia. With the addition of these brands, Mondee could continue to grow and service markets with its technology platform, giving information rich, savvy, connected travelers seeking curated, value-based travel experience even more choices on any device, at any time.

The rising demand for a platform that seamlessly connected airlines, hotels, and other travel content with gig workers and value-savvy travelers continued to grow, and sensing an opportunity to extend its marketplace and technology expertise to the corporate travel market, Mondee acquired the leading corporate travel reward platform Rocketrip in 2019.

Additionally, in 2019 Mondee acquired the fastest growing travel consolidator in North America, Cosmopolitan Travel Services and its Canadian tour operator, Leto Travel.

What Makes Us Different

Our feature-rich products and technology deliver best in class, disruptive travel solutions to our customers. Our technology platforms continue to transform the market by facilitating industry relationships and providing users with the right tools to accelerate their success.

We work with the world’s leading hotel, airline, and travel content suppliers. We leverage these relationships to provide our customers with exclusive content and value savvy travel opportunities.

Our Customer Segments

Our customers include travel agencies, gig workers, major corporations, SMBs, and value-conscious travelers in the millions. Here is a brief overview of our customer segments and how they utilize our products and services:

  • Enterprises and SMBs: Major corporations know they can rely on Mondee brands (including TripPlanet and Rocketrip) to help them save money and contribute to a more sustainable future. We can help them accomplish all of this as they keep their valued employees safe while traveling.
  • Gig Workers and Travel Agents: Agents and gig economy workers use our platforms (including TripPro) to access products, services and travel content. Professionals in these segments love the convenience of user-friendly technology platforms
  • Membership and Subscription Services: High-value travelers enjoy the exclusive travel packages and value-priced ancillaries available through Unpub (a closed user group brand from Mondee).

We partner with many leading travel providers and facilitators, including Thrust Carbon, Travelport, Sabre, Amadeus, Sherpa, Battleface, IATA, ARC and many more.

Our Products and Solutions

Our impressive portfolio of travel brands, products and solutions operate across 3 verticals:

  • Leisure: Our leisure group distributes our technology platform that serves more than 50,000 agencies, agents and gig economy workers around the world.
  • Retail: This vertical focuses on high-value travelers who recognize the value of paying a yearly subscription fee for the privilege of accessing exclusive travel-related services.
  • Corporate: Top enterprise companies and SMBs know they can rely on our products and services to save money, build sustainable travel programs and keep employees safe while traveling.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • Memberships and Subscriptions: At Mondee, we provide competitively priced car, hotel, airfare and ancillary options via subscriptions and memberships. We offer these benefits to closed user groups. These memberships and subscriptions give subscribers access to exclusive travel content.
  • Business Analytics: We generate more than 50,000,000 data queries per day through our business analytics solution. Customers can quickly access key metrics of their business using these tools. The information is delivered via customizable reports and dashboards.
  • Sustainability Tools: Sustainability is a key tenet of our business. Our tools and products give customers the data and information required to make changes that will help minimize their carbon footprint during their corporate travels.
  • Global Content Hub: Our global content hub provides an opportunity to find aggregated solutions for hotel, airfare, cruises, events, ancillary services and attractions for corporate travel.
  • Marketplace: Our marketplace allows global content providers and suppliers to reach more than 50,000 customers. The Mondee Marketplace uses B2B distribution platforms to reach a large target audience.
  • Fin-Tech Solutions: Our revolutionary financial technology solutions combine a powerful fraud protection option with a payment processing platform that makes it easy to accept and manage transactions.
  • Conversational Commerce: This platform helps support teams who communicate directly with customers. This tool supports platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, email, chat and other communication platforms.
  • Martech Platform: This virtual marketing solution assists businesses in achieving upward growth with help from integrated social media tools, email marketing and a point-and-click website builder to support customer acquisition.

Positioned For Explosive Growth Post-Pandemic

The rising demand for a platform that seamlessly connects airlines, hotels, and other travel content with gig workers, and value-savvy travelers continues to drive Mondee’s growth. In 2021 Mondee launched two new brands to extend into the travel subscription memberships market. Unpub focuses on value savvy consumers that will pay a premium membership for carefully curated, high value travel content. TripPlanet provides small and medium sized businesses with a flexible travel platform that saves companies up to 60% on travel. TripPlanet also helps membership organizations and associations provide value added travel services to their members.

Becoming a Publicly Listed Company

On December 20, 2021, Mondee entered into a definitive business combination agreement with ITHAX Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq: ITHX).

Only July 18, 2022, ITHAX Acquisition Corp. completed its business combination with Mondee which resulted in Mondee becoming a publicly listed company on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “MOND”. Mondee debuted on the Nasdaq stock market with a market capitalization of approximately $740 million.

For 2022, Mondee is rapidly growing its presence in the hotel and car segments, while expanding into cruise and tour offerings. Mondee is now leveraging its market-leading operating system, existing networks and products, and new subscription-based products to become a leading platform serving gig economy workers, small and medium sized corporations, organizations and other closed user groups, making further inroads into the $1 trillion market segment.

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