Content Space

Traveler Space

Businesses, membership organizations, non-profits, channel partners and closed user groups utilize the travel benefits of Mondee to add value to their members. Disclosed user group rates, servicing, and support drive measurable value to membership packages, enable fund-raising programs, reduce business travel cost, lower carbon footprints, and provide employees with a valued benefit to reduce attrition.

Membership Organizations

Organizations increase value for their members by providing access to the Mondee Marketplace, ensuring their members travel well and often.


Non-Profits utilize the Mondee Marketplace as a win-win for their organization and members. Members benefit from best-in-class, discounted travel experiences while raising money for their non-profit of choice.


Mondee supports businesses of all sizes with cost effective, eco-friendly corporate travel and leisure travel perks that help employees travel well and often.

Channel Partners

Channel partners integrate the Mondee marketplace into their B2B platforms and super aps to deliver travel experiences at scale.

Expert Space

Travel experts partnering with Mondee see monetization through their existing and newly acquired travelers. Access to the latest technology travel platforms, service support, financial technology solutions and access to low priced content drive significant growth.

Independent Travel Experts

50,000+ Independent travel experts take advantage of Mondee platforms, customer support and global travel content to deliver custom travel experiences.

Trip Curators

Create and publish prepackaged trips for use by travelers


Social media gurus who built clout talking about their travels and now want to help their followers experience the world can expand from content to commerce.

Travel Experts

Independent travel experts take advantage of Mondee platforms, customer support and global travel content at competitive prices to deliver some of the broadest custom travel experiences.

Content Writers

Travel blogs and influencer content converted to vacation packages.

Travel Companies

Travel Agencies

Trusted by their clientele, travel agencies offer convenient end-to-end travel planning. Mondee provides the marketplace and business tools that include: mar-tech solutions, business analytics, fin-tech solutions, and conversational commerce


Exclusive Mondee partners with full access to Mondee services and support. Travel companies that sign up the affiliate program to get improved content and in return 100% of their sales go through Mondee

Travel Startups

Travel start-ups benefit from business infrastructure at a low cost. Travel start-ups can promote tourism with a turnkey white label marketplace, broad travel content, competitive prices, customer support, websites, and marketing. Starting a business has never been this easy!

Content Space

Content suppliers benefit from a narrow cast to an opaque channel, optimized yield on perishable inventory and revenue from ancillary and fare family upsell. Operations are optimized through data connections.

Supplier Content

Massive collection of travel content. 500+ airlines, 1M+ hotels and vacation homes, cars, cruises, packages, ancillaries, activities, tickets, and locally curated experiences offered at global scale pricing.


500+ airlines


1M+ hotels and vacation homes


40 Car rentals agencies


Provides unparalleled access and advanced shopping experience with Ocean & River Cruises.


Use the trip carts to create custom packages or select from pre-set packages.


Upgrades, trip insurance, price protection, automatic check in, baggage protection, price drop protection and more are available on the Mondee Marketplace.


Local activities and attractions and so much more. One of the largest activity collections across the globe.

Tickets & Events

Theatre to amusement parks to sporting events - there is something for everyone.

User Content

Whether travelers are looking for a bucket list vacation, fishing trip or romantic long weekend, Mondee partners with content specialists to deliver local experts, activity specialists, travel bloggers and influencer content to provide the both the inspiration and booking ability – taking travel to the next level.

Content Curators

Create and publish prepackaged trips for use by travelers

Local Experts

Tired of standard tourist spots? Local experts will give you an authentic experience. Eat, drink, and experience the culture like a local.

Activity Specialist

Ride the biggest wave or roller coaster. Activity specialists will provide curated activities specific to travel requests.

Travel Bloggers

Whatever your interests, you will find a travel blog to match. Travel blogger content is an excellent source for destination ideas and activities.

User Reviews

Do not just take our word for it, see how others enjoyed the same trip or activity.

Influencers Content

Now travelers can experience the same trip as their favorite social media sightseer. Read about it and book it – it is just that easy.