Python, C++, and/or MATLAB.
Hyderabad, India
Technology & Engineering

Technical Skills

Python, C++, and/or MATLAB.

Role and Responsibilities

Develop and implement computer vision algorithms for image and video analysis tasks, such as object detection, image segmentation, and tracking.
Research and stay current with the latest computer vision techniques, including deep learning approaches
Optimize and improve existing computer vision algorithms for performance and accuracy.
Work with a team of engineers and researchers to implement computer vision solutions in real-world applications, such as self-driving cars, security systems, and medical imaging.
Collaborate with other departments, such as product management and software engineering, to ensure that the computer vision solutions meet the needs of the end-users.

Desired Skills

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or a related field.
Strong programming skills in Python, C++, and/or MATLAB.
Experience with computer vision libraries and frameworks, such as Open CV, Tensor Flow, and PyTorch.
Knowledge of deep learning architectures, such as CNNs and RNNs.
Experience with real-time image and video processing.
Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
Ability to work well in a team environment.
About Job Offer
Job position
Experience Required
3 – 10 Years
No of Positions
Job Type
Hyderabad, India
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