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Company News | 2021-12-17 21:12:39

Introducing Mondee

Mondee is modernizing & disrupting travel through technology-led growth strategies and a scalable travel marketplace powered by next generation platforms and products that connect global travel suppliers with a market-leading network of leisure agencies, gig economy travel workers, corporations and closed user groups.

Our Brands and Products are leaders in their respective markets, connecting suppliers and customers through the Mondee Global Marketplace and our award winning distribution Platforms: Rocketrip, TripPlanet, TripPro, and Unpub.

Our Mission statement: To innovate relentlessly for our customers, for our partners, for us. 

Innovation in the travel industry is challenging, few companies can do it once, let alone continuously. We aim to innovate with disruptive and transformative technology every day, to drive lasting change in the industry.


Our history of growth and innovation:


Founded in Silicon Valley, California

Acquired Skylink, Exploretrip & cFares


Acquired C&H, Transam, Hariworld, Aavan Vacations


TripPro 1.0 launched


TripPro Unicorn launched


Acquired LBF Travel, Hotelwiz


Acquired Cosmopolitan, CTS Fares, Leto Travel

Acquired Rocketrip


UnPub launched


We work every day to improve the travel experience by offering sustainable travel options, dynamic booking choices, and creating Fin-Tech solutions to help you book more safely. 

Our customers include the world’s leading global travel suppliers, they utilize Mondee’s powerful B2B and B2C distribution Platforms to reach millions of our customers including enterprise corporate travel, travel agencies, and fully independent travelers. 

To transform the industry, the Mondee Holding companies pursue an unwavering commitment to innovation that is defining the future of travel. Innovation is built into the DNA of all the Mondee Holding companies, each one strives to show the industry the future and get there first.