Mondee's industry-changing technology has transformed the market with modern agile platforms and extensive industry relationships that provide the right marketplace with the right tools and the right content offerings to enable and accelerate our customers’ success

Mondee in numbers


gross sales in 2019


employees globally


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Founded in Silicon Valley, California

Acquired Skylink, Exploretrip, cFares, C&H International


Acquired Transam, Hariworld, Aavan Vacations


TripPro 1.0 launched


TripPro Unicorn launched


Acquired LBF Travel, Hotelwiz, Bookingwiz, Avia Travel


Acquired Rocketrip

Acquired Cosmopolitan Travel Services, Leto Travel


TripPlanet launched

Unpub launched


Mondee begins trading on the Nasdaq under ticker symbol "MOND"

Our customers

Mondee’s customers include major corporations, SMBs, travel agencies, gig workers, and millions of value conscious travelers.

Customer Segments

Gig workers and travel agents

Agents from traditional agencies and consortiums as well as new gig economy workers use Mondee platforms to access global travel content, services, and products through easy to use technology platforms like TripPro.

Enterprise and SMB

Major corporations trust Mondee brands like Rocketrip and TripPlanet to save them money, keep their employees safe, and create a more sustainable future.

Membership and Subscription Services

High value travelers willing to pay a yearly subscription fee love Mondee’s closed user group brand, Upub, which gives them access to exclusive, value priced travel packages and ancillaries.

Our partners

Our suppliers

Mondee works with the world’s leading airline, hotel, and travel content suppliers to distribute exclusive content across its award winning platform of products and services used by 50,000 traditional travel agents and agencies, new gig economy agents, as well as leading enterprise and SMB customers.

500+ Airline Contracts

The world’s leading airlines like United, American, and Delta reach 50,000 travel agencies and agents through the TriPro Agency Platform.

1M+ Hotels

Mondee aggregates the leading hotel content providers in the world into its Mondee Marketplace, the largest source of travel content for travel agents and agencies.

Packages & Ancillaries

Tour packages, attraction/event tickets, insurance products, airline NDCs, and more from the from the world’s leading tour operators, ancillary providers, and airlines.

Leadership - Mondee

Prasad Gundumogula

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Orestes Fintiklis

Vice Chairman and Chief Corporate Strategy and Business Development Officer

Jim Dullum

Chief Operating Officer

Dan Figenshu

Chief Financial Officer

Kymber Lowe

Chief Marketing Officer

Venkat Pasupuleti

Chief Technology Officer

Yuvraj Datta

Chief Commercial Officer

Michalis Tsakos

President - Leisure Wholesale

Michael Thomas

President - Retail

Kim Andreello

SVP & GM - Corporate

Jeff Houston

SVP - Investor & Public Relations

Trisha Mendoza

VP - Finance and Corporate Controller

Mridula Pasam

VP - Product Management

Mike Melhem

VP - Product Implementation

Bhuvan Raj

VP - Product Engineering

Corporate Travel Group

Kim Andreello

SVP and GM - Corporate

Ana Dawson

VP of Customer Success

Leisure Wholesale Group

Michalis Tsakos

President - Atlantic

William Gomes

President - Specialty and Global Sales

Sanjeev Sarna

President - CTS, Head of B2B Offshore Ops

Cho Tai

SVP - Operations

Lalit Kumar

SVP - Sales

Jagmit Soni

President - Skylink

Louie Melhem

VP - Business Development

Retail Group

Michael Thomas

President - Retail

Vikas Prabhakar

SVP - Retail Operations and Planning

Adrian Myram

Finance Controller - Retail