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Sustainability | 2022-02-04 20:45:51

A Guide to Carbon Offset & Sustainable Travel

The first carbon offset project dates back to 1989, but carbon offsets began being sold around the turn of the latest century. Delta was the first major airline to launch an offset program for customers in 2007. Although adoption of voluntary carbon offsets has been slow among airline consumers, a growing number of enterprises are making concerted efforts to reduce emissions through offsets. Find out how Rocketrip simplifies calculating carbon offsets to make business travel more sustainable.

Reasons To Calculate Carbon Offset

One of the first steps toward taking environmental responsibility for business operations involves recognizing the emissions produced during operations and business travel. Quantifying the carbon footprint of a company and its employees allows for practical measures to be taken to achieve sustainability.

The United Kingdom is currently the only country with carbon reporting requirements for companies publicly listed on major exchanges. The inclusion of information on business travel emissions can make carbon offsets a meaningful way to reduce the carbon footprint of an enterprise or enable a company to strive toward zero net emissions.

Business travelers and companies have relied on third-party calculation tools and airline-specific programs to calculate offsets in the past. It is now easier to accurately calculate offsets and choose from carbon reduction or sustainable energy projects. Read more about Carbon Offset Emission Standards,  the future of carbon offsets, and sustainable travel Here 



Source : Rocketrip Blog